Telegram stickers

Just recently internet-users actively used all kinds of emoticons and sofia crisafulli foto, but now they have been replaced by stickers – graphical images that more accurately and naturally convey human emotions. These pictures are also widely used in a popular messenger – Telegram stickers are in great demand and their importance should by no means be underestimated. Below we will discuss what sticker packs are, why they are needed, and how to find and add a sticker pack so that you can use them without any restrictions.

What are Telegram stickerpacks and what are they for?
A sticker is, as mentioned above, an image that allows the user to convey their own emotions and moods. Such graphic pictures are widespread and are actively used by users from all over the world. Roughly speaking, they are a kind of emoticons, only bigger and more diverse.

Telegram users can choose from a variety of sticker packs and get limitless opportunities to use them for free. As of today, there are over 1200 sets of stickers on the Internet, most of which were created by users themselves.

Yes, yes, that’s really true: anyone can create his or her own stickerpack, and we will tell you how to make a sticker in Telegram in this material.

Where are the stickers
Popular stickers are located at the bottom of the display in a special panel. They can be seen in any channel – such images are available to all subscribers without exception. Stickers have a mass of advantages, in particular:

They allow you to convey a person’s mood as accurately as possible.
They differ in size compared to smilies, which is particularly convenient for mobile device users.
Each messenger user can create their own sticker pack and post it on their own Telegram channel.
Thanks to the wide variety, one might even say abundance of pictures, communication becomes more lively and interesting.

How to add the official Telegram stickerpacks: step-by-step instructions
Before proceeding to the description of the process of creating stickers and the answer to the question of what id stickerpacks, let’s describe in detail the procedure for adding those sets that are freely available. So, to proceed as follows:

click on the smiley icon in the dialog box;
Find the top line and select “StickerPacks”;
click on the add icon;
this will open a submenu with the sets that are available at a particular moment in time;
choose the stickerpack you like the most and click on the “Add” button.

A huge collection of original sticker packs is available at TGRM.SU. More than 6 thousand stickers are freely available there, and for maximum user convenience they are divided into categories:

“For couples”;
“Cartoons” and so on.
To quickly find the desired sticker, you can use the search bar – just enter the theme of the stickerpack in it – and the system will immediately suggest the available options. All graphics can be installed on your device completely free of charge, without any hidden fees or additional actions.

Standard Telegram stickers are, of course, a good thing, but many users want to have the best stickers or thematic pictures at their disposal, for example, New Year, funny, etc. Finding them is not difficult at all.

For example, if during correspondence someone used an interesting sticker, you can simply click on it and wait for a submenu to open, which will display the entire sticker pack on that topic. It’s also convenient to find stickers in the catalog on the official site of the messenger. You just need to go to the catalog, select the set you like and install it with a few mouse clicks or taps on the screen.

Another option is to search through Telegram bot @Stickers. Run it, and then enter any word in English in the search box – and the variants of stickers on that topic will be displayed on the screen in just a second.

How to create your own sticker pack
To create your own stickerpack, you can use any graphic editor, but the good old Photoshop or Illustator are the best. The images, which will subsequently become stickers, have the following requirements:

the permissible size is 512X512 pixels;
acceptable format – gif or png.
Let’s describe the process of creating a canvas for stickers, using Photoshop as an example:

in the upper right corner of the editor, click the “Create” button;
This will open a field where you should enter the size – 512 by 512;
Where it says “Background Content”, you should select “Transparent”.
That’s it, the canvas is ready.

Next, you need to draw a sticker, and when it is ready – download it by means of the bot we have already mentioned above. To do this, you need to follow the following recommendations:

start the bot;
enter “”/newpack””;
reply to the first message of the bot (this is a kind of communication test);
send the desired image;
choose the emotion the sticker will correspond to;
wait until the upload is complete and write “/publish” on the command line;
give your stickers a name (caption should be typed in Latin characters and consist of at least 4 characters. It will become a link to the stickers).