Mindrock Capital invested $ 3 million in Discord messenger popular among gamers

The Mindrock Capital fund, managed by Pavel Cherkashin, invested $ 3 million in the Discord messenger, the shares were purchased on the secondary market. This was reported to Rb.ru by a representative of the fund.

Discord is a messenger and social network for gamers and students created in 2015 in San Francisco. The main asset of the company is considered to be a large loyal audience. In 2021, the monthly number of active users reached 140 million.

The company was valued at $ 7 billion during the investment round in December 2020; as of May 2021, the valuation exceeded $ 10 billion.

“If we rely on the value of one customer as the main parameter for evaluating a company, then Discord could already cost several times higher. The messenger has a huge growth potential in any development of the situation: it will either be acquired by a large corporation, as Microsoft already wanted to do, which, according to rumors, offered at least $ 10 billion, or the company will go public and introduce monetization. Now the company’s management is obviously inclined to preserve the uniqueness of its product, and believes that the company can cost much more than what Microsoft offered, ”said Grigory Trubkin, Managing Partner of Mindrock Capital.